Kelly Fever

oh yeahh, i think i got fever right now, KELLY FEVER, hahahahahha

well, in early February i already knew that this singer will come to Jakarta and held a concert. Just like mr. adriesubono often tweet on his twitter account, JavaMusikindo will present Kelly Clarkson Concert on April 29th 2010.  I’m very excited, and since that day I put all of her songs in her new album on my play list. On her new album, the hit-single is “already gone” and “All i ever wanted”, and hell yeah i fall in love at the first hear *LOL* and repeat these songs like forever. But i  also recommend other songs like “I Want You” , “My Life would suck without you” and “if no one will listen”. Those songs are great and easy listening, i bet you gonna like it as much as i do :).

But unfortunately, I didnt come to see her on that concert. too bad.. too bad, after know all the song very well, and i just missed her concert watta stupid.great.action. It just because my mom wont buy me a ticket :)), and yeah i am a graduate.jobless.person nothing i can do except ask my mom for some money :p. I asked her for many times, and a NO is an answer in every single question. ya ya ya it was IDR 400k-500k. hhahaha i cant afford it with my own money, errr actually there are some more things i wanna buy with my money, so i asked my mom for that concert *silly*.

Well there are still time for other concert right? :p paramore(they wont come to Indonesia this year *tears*),  Owl City, Hellogoodbye perhaps??

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