Turning 21 :)

NOw, i,m 21 years old

hihi, gettin old? not really, i feel so YOUNG :p

my birthday was on last Monday, may 17. Was it special? in celebration? NOT at all, i didn’t even get perfect birthday greeting. My brother just greeted me yesterday it means he late for two days, ohh dear, is he that old for forgettin my birthday date? hahahahah, I dont angry with him, I know he was kinda busy with his job and his training. but with this 2-days-late, I asked for double presents  *hahahaha*

Holding this age means that i have to one step mature than a year before, and yeah i feel it now. After graduated from university i felt that i have to have responsibility of my lil brother, since i stay at home recently, i have job to make sure my brother lunch done :). I AM a LITTLE CHEF now :p . I like to make some cakes, brand new dishes :)), actually it wasn’t new recipe but i created one with different ingredients or different taste.  I like to bake some toast, chickens, beef, and make my home just like hanamasa restaurant =)).

I put some table stove into dinning table, and start grill some food, it can be chicken, beef, squid, and so on. HIhihih and now my little brother kinda like to seafood. I just need one step a head to make my big brother like to seafood too.

And I realize after i graduated from my college, i have to look for a job, but was it really important to be a-full-time-inside-building-worker ? because i think i’m not so into that kind of person. I really like to meet some new friends everyday, having a new experience everyday, i think i should apply in  publisher, magazine, or television station. is it out of my skill? i don’t think so, well my father really wants me to get job in IT field, ohh come on dad, it’s not really bad for having some new skill with different job out there 😉

Whatever kind of job that i gonna take later, i promise that i will focus on the job and makes everybody in my family happy. Wish me luck for this “job-thing”.

Ps: Yesterday my mother told me about some postgraduate degree, heeaa? she wants me to get my master degree? sound weird, but i kinda excited if it is true :p


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